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Each artwork will take about 3-9 days to finish depending on the scale of the project. There might be delays depending on the artist’s personal situation. When your name comes up on the working list, the artist will contact you!

If your name is present in the :
Working list : your artwork is being worked on!
Queue list : you have made the payment, and your artwork will be worked on soon.
Booking list : you have made a deal with the artist, but you have yet to make the payment.

Current working list


Current queue list


Current booking list


Note : If you wish to get on the top of the list, there will be a payment of 10USD to skip each slot. Please contact the artist to use this service!

You may not skip a client who have purchased this service before you. Only queue list is available for slot-skipping, the clients in the working list are unable to be skipped.

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If you are interested in purchasing a commission, here is where you can contact me. Instagram and Discord would be highly preferable!

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