1. You will be given 2 thumbnails containing 2 very rough sketches for determining the poses (except if you already have a very specific pose in mind). You can pick one from the two and ask for some changes if you want. The number of revisions will be unlimited in the thumbnailing stage, so please feel free to revise whatever you want.

2. After you pick one, the sketch will be continued to a polished sketch and you need to confirm one last time- whether you want any more changes to the final sketch as i will immediately proceed to coloring after this stage. You will be given 3 chances to revise the final sketch as you wish.

3. After that, i will proceed to coloring and if in any of the future updates i send you (i will give a lot of updates in the coloring stage), you wish for me to revise anything, i will give you 3 chances to request for revision. And all done! (revisions acceptable will be "moving the hand a little bit", "change the eye color", "get rid of the bulge there", etc.)

Note : any revisions requested exceeding the limits of the quota, will be charged 10USD per revision. If its during the rendering stage, and the pose needs to be changed entirely, the price for the revision would be the price of the whole commission. Feel free to make use of the thumbnailing stage's unlimited revision quota to avoid extra charges.

The turnaround for each piece will be around 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the project’s scale.

1. Thumbnailing

2. Clean sketch

3. Final render

General Terms

• Prices will vary depending on design complexity.
• I have the rights to decline any commissions I would feel uncomfortable on doing.


• Currency is accepted in USD and will be paid through PayPal only.
• I will add a PayPal tax fee on the final price if you choose to make payment as buyer. If you want to send the payment as family member / friend, i will not add a tax fee. Please confirm with me when we proceed to payment.
• Commissions will be paid 100% upfront. If the project costs more than 200USD, you can opt for 50% upfront payment and the next 50% after final sketch approval.
• The payment ideally should be made after I have confirmed your order’s price and sent you a PayPal link. The slot will be given AFTER the payment is made, not after I confirmed the order and price.

Process & Delivery

• The time to finish your commission varies from 2 days - 2 weeks depending on factors such as the complexity of the commission, health, or family issues. (Will be informed ASAP)
• Work in progress will be given frequently, whether the client asks for it or not. I will ask to consult if needed.
• Once the piece is done, you will receive the image in any resolution you’d like, and in JPEG or PNG format (or any format available in Adobe Photoshop), depending on your request.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

• The client is not allowed a refund once the payment is made.
• If for any urgent reason I am unable to do your commission, you will receive a full refund.

Copyright / Usage Policy

I, Shoucchi96 (the artist) :
• I retain all copyrights over the commissioned artwork.
• I will not claim the Intellectual Property (IP) of the commissioned artwork.
• I will not profit further from the commissioned artwork unless the client break any of the terms.
• I reserve the rights to post the commissioned artwork online, in my portfolio as well as in publications such as artbooks in a smaller resolution of the original file, but it is possible for the client to request to keep the commissioned artwork private and unpublished.

You (the client / commissioner) :
• You may use the copyrighted artworks for personal use only unless stated otherwise.
• Print the artwork and claim rights to your character(s) and not the commissioned artwork itself.
• Use the art to promote yourself with proper credit to the artist.
• You MAY NOT use the commissioned artwork for commercial purposes UNLESS having purchased the Commercial Rights to the artwork. Please consult the artist if you are interested in purchasing Commercial Rights for the artwork you are ordering.

The following is considered copyright infringement :
• If you profit off the commissioned piece (reselling, redistributing, prints, etc) UNLESS having purchased the Commercial Rights to the artwork.
• Claiming the artwork as your own.
• Altering the artwork without my consent.

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